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Enhancing ship/shore interface in Mozambique

March 30, 20180Ocean CargoShipping


Enhancing ship/shore interface in Mozambique

March 30, 2018 0Ocean CargoShipping

When the communication between ships and port is smoothly run, shipments move more quickly, more easily and more efficiently. This is where IMO’s Facilitation Convention comes in. The FAL convention contains standards and recommended practices and rules for simplifying formalities, documentary requirements and procedures on ships’ arrival, stay and departure. The benefits of ratification and implementation of the FAL Convention were highlighted during a National Seminar on Facilitation of Maritime Traffic (27-29 March), held in Maputo, Mozambique. The aim was to support Mozambique to ratify the Convention, including its latest amendments. Participants were advised on the benefits of using the maritime single window and electronic data interchange to facilitate ship clearance.IMO’s Julian Abril and IMO consultants were at the seminar, which was organized by IMO and the Instituto Nacional da Marinha (INAMAR). It was attended by 50 participants from ministries with responsibilities in the clearance of ships, cargo, crew and passengers at ports of Mozambique, and private stakeholders (Escola Superior de Ciências Náuticas, Portos do Norto, LBH Mozambique LDA, MPDC Maputo Port, Ovarah Mutheko Serviços Sociedade, CLN Corredor Logistico Integrado Nacala, PIL Mozambique Bollore Transport Logis).

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