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Mission & Vision


To grow, continuously improve and be a globally trusted and preferred as an integrated shipping company in Malaysia, committed to satisfying our customers’ needs, having high organizational performance and motivating our employees.


In order to accomplish our vision, we will:

  • Leverage our global understanding and domain expertise to cater dynamic customer needs.
  • Innovate continuously and exploit the possibilities of latest technologies to keep ahead of rapidly changing industry trends.
  • Build long standing partnerships based on integrity, shared values and mutual benefits.
  • Expand our team by employing right talents and providing them with vibrant, conducive and progressive work culture.
  • Provide safe and flexible marine transportation services in cooperation with our customers, while achieving long-term profitability.
  • Assist responsible and demanding clients in achieving their business objectives through our professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm and responsiveness.

Our Core Values:


  • Long-term partnerships
  • Rewarding work environment
  • Delegated responsibility
  • Long-term goals
  • Ethical and environmental


  • Flexible transportation
  • Attentive to customers’ needs
  • Immediate response


  • Safe and timely delivery
  • Integrated
  • Full service
  • Learning organization


Being proactive, direct and honest in our communications with all stakeholders and
Considering transparency a critical factor in building lasting relationships